Our Streamlined Bartending Service

About Book A Bartender

For years, My Bartender has offered a streamlined service called Bartender-for-Hire. This light-weight service is designed for clients in need of a fully licensed and insured bartender only. All other aspects of service are taken care of in advance by you. We'll show up with an extensive tool kit to tackle whatever cocktails you had in mind, as well as the host liquor liability insurance coverage.

Our sales representatives will provide complete information and details regarding expectations by our staff upon arrival to your venue space, home or office. If we can help round out the picture, please let us know...we have many a-la cart items that can be ordered with our bartending services.

And remember, My Bartender doesn't just live on the web, we're an actual brick and mortar establishment right here in SE Portland. We're super easy to get to and would love to have you come in for a face-to-face meeting with your sales representative. 

If you're ready to go, great! Let's get started by clicking on the CONTACT US button below and choose the method of contact that works best for you. Our Book A Bartender service can not be used for events less than 5 days away as we can not guarantee staffing availability.

Our Services


Book A Bartender Bartender for Hire

We have a great staff of highly qualified bartenders ready to mix up whatever you've got to work with.

Bar Backs & Cocktail Servers

Book A Bartender Hire Bar Backs and Cocktail Servers

Some helping hands is always a great idea so the bartender can focus on your guests. Consider adding a bar back or cocktail server.

Support Staff

Book A Bartender Hire Support Staff

Could you use some help with set-up, service of clean-up? We have experienced positions that can get the job done.

Insurance Coverage

Book A Bartender Insurance Coverage

Our host liquor liability insurance coverage is included with all of our Book a Bartender services without costing extra.

Rental Items

Book A Bartender Rentals

Our bartender will come with their own set of tools but perhaps you need some other items to complete the party? We can help.


Book A Bartender Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot of questions we can answer right of the top. Just scroll down for a few of our most frequently asked questions.


Q. Why do I need to have insurance?

A. In Oregon, we have what's known as third party liability. This means you could be held monetarily liable for any accident resulting from your event. Whether it involves alcohol, property and/or vehicle damage or a slip, trip or fall.

Q. So how do keep from being exposed to this liability?

A. Don't hire people that don't have insurance coverage! We carry Host Liquor Liability, General Liability, Vehicle Liability and Worker's Compensation Coverage for every client at every event.

Q. Can't I just find someone on the web for cheaper?

A. Sure you can. Lots of bartenders moonlight on Craigslist and other places. If you don't care about the value of having an insured and licensed service to take care of you, then go right ahead and give them a call.

Q. Isn't a OLCC Server's Permit enough?

A. The fact that a bartender has an OLCC server's permit only means they are approved to pour alcohol in Oregon.

Only truly legitimate companies are licensed by the OLCC and provide the proper insurance coverage's to their client.

Q. What's the difference and why should I care?

A. It basically comes down to moonlighting, reputation and insurance. All of our staff is paid an actual living wage so they don't have to moonlight. They work for a company that stands behind its reputation and one that provides its clients with the insurance coverage they need.

Q. We'll have everything ready and you'll just show up, right?

A. Yup! Our Book A Bartender service is solely meant for those clients that wish to do all of the set up, purchasing, ice, cups, bar, coolers, garnishes - just about everything necessary. We'll show up in advance to get familiar with the surroundings/set-up and then start pouring drinks.